Mission Statement:

“We approach each client as part of our family and handle each matter with compassion and understanding in a stressful and overwhelming situation. We pride ourselves on providing personal, ethical, and aggressive legal support.”

“Connie and Michael are both great. I can tell they actually care about my situation and genuinely want to see big changes for my family and myself. I feel comfortable and confident that they will do everything in their power to get the best possible result me.”


“Yes, I am Michael's father so I can say I have known him all his life. I can also say that even if he was not my son I would rate him 5 stars as a father, as a husband, for his caring ways, for his work ethic, for his integrity and for his faith.”


“Legal administrators do not come any finer than Connie Brooks! Been friends for 30 years”


“Connie has been there for me through this very hard time and, knowing I have the backing of Polk County's best lawyer makes me happy to know the power house handling my case .”


“Michael takes the stress out of a stressful situation. Definitely a southern gentlemen who loves his family dearly. He's committed with a good heart and would give you the shirt off his back. You can't say that about most lawyers but you can definitely say he puts his heart into his job. He's a professional in the court room and a friend in the office. Don't be fooled by his funny, carefree, easy going personality because he is a totally different man inside those doors. I HIGHLY recommend Michael.”


I'm very thankful that my brother was referred to Michael Dicks and his paralegal, Connie Brookes for his divorce. They immediately made us feel at home, like friends, and have been very active in his case. They genuinely care about their clients and it's not just a job to them. I don't know how things will turn out, but I have complete confidence in Michael and Connie. I feel very blessed to know them both. If you are looking for an attorney, give them a call.


Michael and Connie have been helping and fighting on my behalf so I could see my son and now I can because of them both. I am greatly indebted to them and recommend them to anyone who legally needs help. They are the best.


Michael handled my case professionally and proficiently. Connie is awesome. My case only took a couple months and now I am ready to start my new life. Thank you guys for all your help.


I hired Michael Dicks for a divorce case after having consultations from several other popular and revered attorneys from larger or higher profile law offices. I left out of each of these consultations with a few hundred dollars less in my pocket, an uneasy feeling, and the realization that I would not be able to financially afford to fight my divorce to the end without just giving up and giving in.

I had a friend refer me to Michael Dicks and his paralegal, Connie Brookes. My friend hired them for his divorce and had nothing but glowing comments about this team. I had a consultation with Michael and Connie and they took the time to listen, ask questions, answer questions and inform me of what I could and should expect. I walked out of their office feeling like a prayer had been answered and a huge load had been taken from me. I saw light at the end of the tunnel.

Michael is a very down to earth, humble, family man and does not carry the "shark" persona of most attorneys, but don't let this fool you. He is very skilled in the courtroom and an outstanding orator. He will explain your case in a clear and concise manner, without the usual bluster or smokescreen used by many attorneys. He treats and fights for his clients like you're a friend or family member. You'll forget he is your attorney and begin to view him as a friend and ally.

Now with Connie, "WOW" is the first word that comes to mind. Michael has his duties presenting and preparing for the case, which he does amazingly, but Connie is the person you will be speaking to or dealing with on a regular basis. I love this lady! She is ferocious, bold, intelligent, experienced and I'm starting to think clairvoyant. I can't count the number of times I've texted or called her with questions or worries and she always has the answer, which ultimately proves to be completely dead on accurate. One of the things I appreciate about Connie is the fact that she will tell it like it is and tell you what you need to here, whether you like it or not. If I wanted things sugar coated I would go to a bakery. You will get a straight, blunt answer from Connie, but you can also tell she's coming from her heart and from many years of experience. She will look out for you and puts an amazing amount of time and effort into your case. She is unbelievably loyal and absolutely a fighter. Other attorneys and paralegals do not want to tangle with Connie. She will break them down like grandpa's shotgun!

My divorce is not yet resolved but I gave them 5 stars because that's how much confidence I have in their ability to resolve my divorce in the manner most satisfactory for my children and me. Michael and Connie have become like family and fight for you as though you are their family. I prayed heavily for God's direction and guidance after my wife exited our marriage and I have no doubt God led me to Michael and Connie. I talked to several attorneys and just never received the peace that I received after my consultation with Michael and Connie. They have been a God sent blessing throughout this painful process and I cannot more highly recommend them. If you need an attorney call them, have a consultation and you can rest assured your search for the best is over.


I hired Michael in a situation involving my daughter and in another state. He did not hesitate to travel out of state to defend me and my daughter. He has done more for me in the past few weeks than the other attorney I just fired did, in two years. Michael Dicks is what I call a real attorney and I would recommend him in a split second. Thanks to Michael and Connie for all you’ve done and all you’re continuing to do.


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